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Alcyone Ephemeris - List of Functions

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Ephemeris calculation

Calculates heliocentric, geocentric, and topocentric positions of the Sun (Earth), planets, 18 natural satellites, minor planets, comets and fixed stars in ecliptical, equatorial, and horizontal coordinates (including angular differences between two bodies), with optional corrections for parallax and refraction; rectangular coordinates, velocity, apparent diameter, magnitude, phase, lunar libration, and orbital elements, covering the period 3000 BC to AD 3000.

Star charts:

Ephemeris data can be visualized in star charts.

3D-visualization of heliocentric and planetocentric orbits:
Ephemeris data can be used for generation of three-dimensional visualizations of heliocentric or planetocentric orbits.

XY diagram
Ephemeris data can be plotted as a function of time.

Parametric diagram
Pairs of ephemeris data can be plotted in parametric plots as a function of time.

Find function:
The ephemeris data of a column can be searched for specific values,

Date/time specification:
Dates/times can be specified in equidistant intervals, as discrete time values or script driven. Dynamical time (TD) or universal time (UT).

Specification of the method to determine the value of delta T (TD-UT):
10 different formulas and tabular interpolation for calculation of delta T

Angular separation:
Calculate angular separation between two celestial bodies (planets, sun, satellites, stars).

Difference mode:

In the difference mode all ephemeris data are calculated as changes of the respective values over a specified time of (a) one hour, (b) one day or (c) the current selected interval of the ephemeris calculation

Additional information:

For each date/time of the ephemeris calculation, additional information can be calculated and shown in the ephemeris table: Julian day number, mean obliquity of the ecliptic, delta T (TD-UT), general/lunisolar precession, nutation in longitude and obliquity, equation of time, apparent local time, sideral time at Greenwich, local sideral time.

Date/time calculator:

The Date / time calculator allows the computation of the instants of

  • the equinoxes and solstices
  • the start of the Besselian years
  • the lunar phases (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter)
  • planetary configurations (oppositions, stations, conjunctions, and greatest elongations)
  • passages of perihelion (perigee), aphelion (apogee), and nodes
  • rises, culminations, and sets.

Calculates the local circumstances of solar and lunar eclipses.

Date and angle formatting:

The values shown in the ephemeris can be formatted in different ways.

Ephemeris data, plots and graphics can be printed.

Report generation:
Reports with ephemeris data, plots and graphics can be generated as PDF-, HTML- or RTF-files.

Data export:
Ephemeris data can be exported to HTML, Excel, Text, XML, or CSV files.

Bright Star Catalogue:
The complete data from the Bright Star Catalogue can be accessed.

Capabilities can be expanded greatly by writing scripts in BASIC or Pascal.

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