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Alcyone Ephemeris: Opposition of Mars in January 2010Alcyone Ephemeris: Total Solar Eclipse 2010-07-11Alcyone Ephemeris: Lunar Eclipse 1504-02-29 ('Columbus' Eclipse')Alcyone Ephemeris: Mercury Transits 1000-2336Alcyone Ephemeris: Evening Visibility of Venus in 2011/12Alcyone Ephemeris: Comet Brooks 2 Orbital Period DecreaseAlcyone Ephemeris: Barycenter of the Solar System 2011-2041Alcyone Ephemeris: Venus Transit 2012-06-06 (Local Circumstances for Darwin, Australia)Alcyone Ephemeris: Venus in Pleiades 2012-04-03Alcyone Ephemeris: Close Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in 1563Alcyone Ephemeris: New and Full Moon in 2010Alcyone Ephemeris: Perihelion Passage of Halley's Comet in 1986Alcyone Ephemeris: Orbits of the Saturnian Satellites SI-SVAlcyone Ephemeris: Geocentric View of Venus' OrbitAlcyone Ephemeris: Position of the Barycenter of the Solar SystemLocal Circumstances of Solar Eclipses (Albuquerque, USA)Alcyone Ephemeris: Positions of the Galileian SatellitesAlcyone Ephemeris: Neptune-Pluto 3:2 ResonanceAlcyone Ephemeris: Data Export to ExcelAlcyone Ephemeris: Ephemeris Data SelectionAlcyone Ephemeris: Observer Location dialogAlcyone Ephemeris: Fixed Star SelectionAlcyone Ephemeris: Small Body SelectionAlcyone Ephemeris: Script Editor

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